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Antisocial Behaviour
Local statics - Oct 2019 to March 2020 (pdf)

There have been further problems on St. Andrews School playing field, for which the Antisocial Behaviour Team have been contacted. On previous occasions there has been damage to the Cycle Shelter, football nets, and youngsters have been on the School roof. If the youngsters are spotted on the school field, the local Police will be advised and the Police do have a key for access. Last year the trespassers were caught after a resident took photos and the school secretary was able to identify some as past pupils. The Police should be made aware of trespass immediately using 101.

We appeal to Parents to ask their children not to venture on the School Field and that they can only be on the field, if they are being supervised by an adult. It is appreciated that some of the youngsters might not be local, however, Parents must make their children aware they must not be encouraged by their friends, who might not live in the area, to trespass. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

You are encouraged to discuss with your neighbours/friends with children, to ensure trespassing on School Grounds and Buildings is avoided. The Council and Police only incur more expense unnecessarily.

Covid19 Emergency - Information & Advice
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Help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following 3 Steps To Safety
See Poster

Latest SCAM - NHS Test and Trace emails
See Pdf Please note that this notice is posted exactly as received.

FREE Bespoke Cycle Training Offer
During the lock down, many residents have been walking and cycling as part of their daily exercise.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council is keen for people to continue as the restrictions are eased and its Road Safety Team is offering safe, free personal cycle training to support residents in this transition.

The sessions will help to give adults and children aged 11 and over the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to cycle more regularly as workplaces, shops and as schools begin to reopen. See POSTER pdf

SCAM - Amazon gift card
This claims to offer recipients the chance to win a £1,000 Amazon gift card. The subject reads: “On the occasion of overcoming the coronavirus, Amazon gives you the gift of victory.” The senders name is spoofed to read ‘ The recipient is instructed to click on a link in order to apply, which has been identified as mal ware. It is common for such scams offering free vouchers to ask for a persons bank details. Remember 'If it sounds too good to be true, it definitely is!

Information update on Services from ERYC
This contains which services are affected during the current emergency and has been issued to all Parish Councillors - SEE PDF

Message from Humberside Police
How you can access support and safeguard yourself against scams during the coronavirus outbreak. (pdf file).

Tackling Anti Social Behaviour
The team has responsibility for the Safe and Sound Grant, a scheme to help residents stay safe in their own home. It is here to help those who suffer from anti social behaviour and our website provides helpful information on anti social behaviour and what can be done to tackle it: We rely on information that residents pass on and we encourage you to use our website and report anti social behaviour to Humberside Police on 101 or your Anti Social Behaviour team on 01482 396 380.
See latest Reports

Dog Fouling
A general reminder to all dog walkers that they have to clean up after their dog, whatever the weather or leaf or snow cover. The same applies to the hours of darkness - you need a torch. There are plenty of litter bins throughout the Parish, so please pick it up. When the children are encouraged to walk to school it is only fair that dog mess is picked up. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has issued Fixed Penalty Notices in Kirk Ella for failure to clear up after a dog has fouled. If any resident can identify a dog walker who does not clean up, with the time and place, they should report it to ERYC, and the dog warden will try to visit the area. We have some stickers and will be affixing these to the lamp posts around Pine. Meadows. If any resident knows of other areas where more stickers are needed, please let us know. When the pavement is dry, we will use the Parish Council stencil and spray paint but it is not suitable in wet and cold weather. Liz and Tom

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, the Parish Council will not be holding meetings until further notice

A Message from your Chairman - July 2020

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By now everyone should have received our 2020 Annual Report informing you of the work that was done by the Parish Council during last year. The report was completed in February, sent to the printers in March and ready for distribution early April but unfortunately due to the virus was held up until July. If you have not received yours please let Mandy, our Clerk or myself know.

We have been kept very busy despite being in lock down. Planning issues continue to need our attention. Concern has been expressed over the South Ella School site where Lovell, the builders, would like to build approximately 240 new residences.

After the first weekend when lock down restrictions were eased, litter problems occurred on King George playing field. As germs can be passed in litter, it should be a top priority to dispose of it in the bins provided or take it home. Once we can resume our Parish Council meetings, litter bins, even though expensive, must be on our agenda.

Despite the Coronavirus, Mandy our Clerk and Financial Officer managed to make arrangements to have the Parish Council accounts audited. I received a letter from the auditor praising the efficient way in which the accounts were presented. The closing sentence was, and here I quote ”The parishioners of Kirk Ella & West Ella can be assured that such dedication is a “hallmark” of security in the utilization of Public Funding”.

Now I wish to ask you for information. Does anyone know who the spare land, in front of the electric substation, at Kirk Ella School belongs to? The Parish Council has paid for it to be tidied up because it is a prominent “eye sore” but it really needs a permanent solution and that obviously cannot be agreed without the consent of the owner. There is also a large tree on site that is causing some problems and needs attention.

Margaret Raymond
Councillor Margaret Raymond
Chairman - Kirk Ella & West Ella Parish Council

This message is also available as a pdf

2020 Annual Report
The Annual Report was written in February 2020 then given to the printer in March, and printed at the end of that month. Because of "lock down" the delivers would not accept them and the Clerk has had to store them at her house until Friday 26 June, when the distributors accepted them. The delivery service has now resumed. Please accept our apologies for the delay. SEE PDF FILE Printed copies are available
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