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Message from Humberside Police
How you can access support and safeguard yourself against scams during the coronavirus outbreak. (pdf file).

Major Planning Application
On Land South of 21 Great Gutter Lane for erection of 131 dwellings.
ERYC Reference 19/01041/STPLF DIRECT LINK

Useful Crime Advice
Dont get caught out - fraud and scams booklet (pdf)
Who is eyeing up your house(pdf)

Tackling Anti Social Behaviour
The team has responsibility for the Safe and Sound Grant, a scheme to help residents stay safe in their own home. It is here to help those who suffer from anti social behaviour and our website provides helpful information on anti social behaviour and what can be done to tackle it: We rely on information that residents pass on and we encourage you to use our website and report anti social behaviour to Humberside Police on 101 or your Anti Social Behaviour team on 01482 396 380.
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Postal Scams
Information from Royal Mail (pdf file)

Drone Information
Information on how to fly drones safely and legally - See Drone Code pdf

Dog Fouling
A general reminder to all dog walkers that they have to clean up after their dog, whatever the weather or leaf or snow cover. The same applies to the hours of darkness - you need a torch. There are plenty of litter bins throughout the Parish, so please pick it up. When the children are encouraged to walk to school it is only fair that dog mess is picked up. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has issued Fixed Penalty Notices in Kirk Ella for failure to clear up after a dog has fouled.

If any resident can identify a dog walker who does not clean up, with the time and place, they should report it to ERYC, and the dog warden will try to visit the area. We have some stickers and will be affixing these to the lamp posts around Pine. Meadows. If any resident knows of other areas where more stickers are needed, please let us know. When the pavement is dry, we will use the Parish Council stencil and spray paint but it is not suitable in wet and cold weather. Liz and Tom

Location of
Salt Bins
See pdf file

A Message from your Chairman - February 2020

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly in China and to the Middle East. Thus it has reached Europe and now it has arrived in the U.K. This is just the route that was taken by the great plague in 1348 called the Black Death. It was first reported in China in 1334 and brought by merchants, seamen and travellers across the continents and eventually recorded in the South of England. Just over a third of the population died. People in those days knew little about how diseases spread and even less about prevention. We too are in danger of diseases that could be spread very easily but we now do know how they can be prevented in our area if we bother to take care. I am talking about such diseases as:


These can be caused by chance contact with dog faeces. It is decent and a common courtesy, when walking a dog in the street, to take a poop bag with you and use it to clear the deposit on the ground. Otherwise children may accidentally step in it, get it on their footwear, footballs, scooters, cycle wheels and other toys. Parents could find deposits on pram wheels and various other situations you can think of. Thus it could be carried into the family home and so the trouble begins and the disease follows which can all have been spread through lack of consideration for others. We wish to avoid these unnecessary diseases in our area and trust all dog walkers will co-operate to prevent them.

Thanking you for your help in this matter.

Margaret Raymond

Councillor Margaret Raymond
Chairman - Kirk Ella & West Ella Parish Council

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Parish Council Annual Report - 2019
See pdf file (large file)
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