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Latest News

Children’s Dilo books
FREE for Christmas !

The late Horace Dobbs' family are disposing of his enchanting Dolphin books to any children who would like them. Initially in packs of 3.

Just e-mail Graham Latter on with your contact details and we will get back to you.

Footway Maintenance Work
As part of ERYC annual £2.35m capital and revenue programme of planned footway maintenance works. A package of footway maintenance work has commenced at various locations within the East Riding and will take approximately 8 weeks to complete.

The works will consist of patch repairs and slurry sealing of the existing footways at the following locations (during daytime working hours):-

- The Lunds, Kirk Ella
- The Avenue, Anlaby
- Collynson Close, Willerby

This work will be carried out by PBS Construction (NE) Ltd as part of the Footway Term Service Contract for 2018-20. All the works will be carried out under localised traffic management; the contractor will endeavour to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum during the working hours.

Forthcoming Roadwork Notices (pdfs)

Gorton Road, Anlaby - Planned Maintenance Scheme Notice& Map
Beverley Road, Kirk Ella

Message from Humberside Police
There has been an increase in bike theft across the area. please remain vigilant especially when putting bikes away after use. People are asked to check their security arrangements. Key times have been highlighted at between 1600hrs and 2300hrs.

Covid19 Emergency - Information & Advice
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Help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by following 3 Steps To Safety
See Poster

FREE Bespoke Cycle Training Offer
During the lock down, many residents have been walking and cycling as part of their daily exercise.
East Riding of Yorkshire Council is keen for people to continue as the restrictions are eased and its Road Safety Team is offering safe, free personal cycle training to support residents in this transition.

The sessions will help to give adults and children aged 11 and over the opportunity to gain the skills and confidence to cycle more regularly as workplaces, shops and as schools begin to reopen. See POSTER pdf

Information update on Services from ERYC
This contains which services are affected during the current emergency and has been issued to all Parish Councillors - SEE PDF

Message from Humberside Police
How you can access support and safeguard yourself against scams during the coronavirus outbreak. (pdf file).

Tackling Anti Social Behaviour
The team has responsibility for the Safe and Sound Grant, a scheme to help residents stay safe in their own home. It is here to help those who suffer from anti social behaviour and our website provides helpful information on anti social behaviour and what can be done to tackle it: We rely on information that residents pass on and we encourage you to use our website and report anti social behaviour to Humberside Police on 101 or your Anti Social Behaviour team on 01482 396 380.
See latest Reports

Dog Fouling
A general reminder to all dog walkers that they have to clean up after their dog, whatever the weather or leaf or snow cover. The same applies to the hours of darkness - you need a torch. There are plenty of litter bins throughout the Parish, so please pick it up. When the children are encouraged to walk to school it is only fair that dog mess is picked up. East Riding of Yorkshire Council has issued Fixed Penalty Notices in Kirk Ella for failure to clear up after a dog has fouled. If any resident can identify a dog walker who does not clean up, with the time and place, they should report it to ERYC, and the dog warden will try to visit the area. We have some stickers and will be affixing these to the lamp posts around Pine. Meadows. If any resident knows of other areas where more stickers are needed, please let us know. When the pavement is dry, we will use the Parish Council stencil and spray paint but it is not suitable in wet and cold weather. Liz and Tom

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Parish Council will not be holding meetings until further notice
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A Message from your Chairman - October 2020

I thought you would like to know that your Parish Council members are still working hard for you in spite of being handicapped by the coronavirus restrictions. We recently had a meeting with Mr Paul Butler and Mr Mark Ballentyne representing Lovell Builders and Cllrs. Neil Oakes, Shaun Horton and myself from the Parish Council. The aim of this meeting being a further consultation exercise regarding planning and development on the former Wolfreton School site. We were given a copy of the first plan and a more recent amended one with more open spaces and more trees giving cover between the site and the dwellings in White Walk, so slightly reducing the number of properties to be built. We still feel Kirk Ella deserves better and have requested a second look at a second entrance especially in case of an emergency and also complete pavements so as not to have pedestrians and the disabled in wheelchairs forced to share the road with large delivery vehicles. This is a road safety issue. I doubt that we will get everything on our wish list but we must try.

To add to the road traffic issues in our area, I can confirm that Beal Development has been granted planning permission for the erection of 141 dwellings on land south of 21 Great Gutter Lane West. You can guess at how many householders will have one of two cars and imagine what the road to the A164 or Willerby Square will be like.

Our Clerk has recently received a communication from Chris Lawson, a resident in the area, quote ‘regarding the quite dreadful smells that have permeated some of our area over the past few weeks’. He states that ‘on virtually every single occasion when there is an unwelcome smell it appears that Biowise/Wastewise are automatically blamed’. He says that he has ‘invested substantial time and effort to investigate all the recent unpleasant smells at the actual time that they occurred’. The Environment Agency has sent officers to monitor the level of smell and the E.A. is totally unbiased. He then states that a licence has been granted for the ‘disposal onto local land the tipping and spreading of hundreds of tons of treated human waste and the tipping of equally large amounts of chicken manure’. Anyone wishing to see Mr Lawson’s photographs which he says proves his point should contact him through Mandy, our Parish Clerk.

We have had one further complaint about the condition of the King George playing field or as some people call it, the Gorton Road playing field. I have passed it on to one of our local ERYC Ward Councillors, Councillor Ben

Margaret Raymond
Councillor Margaret Raymond
Chairman - Kirk Ella & West Ella Parish Council

This message is also available as a pdf
or word file

2020 Annual Report
The Annual Report was written in February 2020 then given to the printer in March, and printed at the end of that month. Because of "lock down" the delivers would not accept them and the Clerk has had to store them at her house until Friday 26 June, when the distributors accepted them. The delivery service has now resumed. Please accept our apologies for the delay. SEE PDF FILE Printed copies are available
from the Parish Clerk
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