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Kirk Ella
Neighbourhood Watch

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NHW Members in West Ella can receive information from the Kirk Ella "grapevine".

Kirkellagrapevine has been set up under "Tom and Liz", though most messages are sent out by Tom Fry, NW Co-ordinator of Pine Meadows - Kirk Ella Central NW Scheme.

Messages are sent out to the NW Co-ordinators of those Schemes in Kirk Ella who are on email. The scheme is to pass on information as quickly as possible. The Co-ordinators then pass the messages onto their own individual members, who are on email. Members are asked to pass on anything important to their neighbours who are not on email. We also try to pass on information to those co-ordinators in Kirk Ella who are not on email, by telephone or printed copy.

Kirkellagrapevine also includes the local schools. We are happy to include 2 or 3 members for each Neighbourhood Watch scheme, and include a few residents who do not have a schemes in their roads - the purpose is to get information out to as many people as possible.

Although Hanwag has closed down, we are trying to maintain and extend our Neighbourhood Watch areas in Kirk Ella, particularly now that we have set up the Kirkellagrapevine, a quicker and cheaper means of communication than delivering leaflets. It is hoped that the whole of Fairfield, Redland, Glenfield Drive will be covered, together with the existing scheme in Annandale Road, i.e. to cover that whole area. We would be very pleased to offer assistance to those in lapsed/dormant schemes and to include someone from their Roads on the grapevine. Contact Tom Fry or Councillor Elizabeth Robinson at