Here is some very useful information, which provides guidance about sharing concerns relating to safeguarding children and young people.

It is important that we all remember that it takes a community to raise a child and I know here in the East Riding we all want the very best environment for all of our East Riding Children and Young People. This information can be shared with residents:

What should I do if I am worried about a child or young person? If you are ever concerned that a child is in immediate danger please call the police on 999. Safeguarding children and young people is the responsibility of everyone. If you are a professional, young person, carer, family member or a member of the public and you are worried about a child or young person, who has or may be likely to suffer significant harm, you can contact the Safeguarding and Partnership Hub (SaPH), the front door to Children's Social Care.

Members of the Public If you are a young person, family member, carer, or member of the public and you want to discuss a child that you are worried about, or make a self-referral you can contact the Safeguarding and Partnership Hub (SaPH) during office hours on: (01482) 395500 - Choose 'Option 1' and a social worker will be able to talk through your worries with you and discuss what happens next. Outside of office hours: Children's Emergency Duty Team (CEDT):

If you have a worry about a child outside of office hours, the Children's Emergency duty Team (CEDT) operates to respond to emergency situations from 5pm until 8:30am Monday to Thursday and 4.30pm until 8:30am on a Friday and at weekends and bank holidays. CEDT responds to emergency situations that are unable to wait until the next working day. These will relate to children's safeguarding, potential placement, or family breakdowns and any other Children's Services statutory work. Your call will be taken by a Lifeline operator.

The social worker will then make the decision if an intervention/additional information is needed that evening, or the situation can wait until the following morning when a children's social work team or the Safeguarding and Partnership Hub (SaPH) will follow-up with the person sharing the information the following day. You can contact the Children's Emergency Duty Team on: (01482) 393939. The sooner our staff have information about any concern the sooner a situation can be addressed. All conversations are in the strictest of confidence, so call as soon as possible rather than wish you had. Thank you for your help, as always.

Kind regards Councillor Victoria Aitken Portfolio Holder for Children, Families & Education