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Flooding Issues

There is a maintenance regime for the new flood alleviation lagoons / reservoirs on Eppleworth Road and Westfield Road, and for the older Highway Lagoons on the A164. The detail is not quite straight forward, please see below:

Flood Alleviation Scheme on Westfield Road and Eppleworth Road
These are Flood Risk Assets and the responsibility of ERYC.

- All grounds maintenance works, eg grass cutting, is still being managed by the Main Contractor who built the scheme. There is a 5 year maintenance agreement written into the Contract, which specifies that the grass will be cut four times per year. The agreement runs out in 2024 / 25, at which point ERYC Term Service Contractor will take over the grounds maintenance, and again will cut the grass four times per year, and carry out any other land scape type maintenance.

- An Engineer from ERYC Team inspects the lagoons / reservoirs quarterly, ERYC have a budget to carry out any minor repairs and maintenance required.

- All moving parts, ie penstocks, flow control devices, are checked and greased 6 monthly by a local Civil Engineering Contractor.

- Because most of the lagoons are designated reservoirs, ERYC have legal obligations in order to comply with the Reservoirs Act. One of those obligations is that they are inspected annually by a qualified independent Panel Engineer. The Panel Engineers checks the structural integrity of the reservoirs, and ensures that they are hydraulically operational.

A164 Lagoons
These are Highway Assets and the responsibility of the Councils Highways Teams.

- The grounds maintenance regime is currently the same as the Westfield Road / Eppleworth Road detailed above, ie grass cutting four times a year by our Term Service Contractor. The inspection regime is also the same.
- Any minor repairs and maintenance would be managed and funded by the Councils Highways Teams.

- There are no penstocks so no requirement for greasing, and they are not designated reservoirs so there are no Panel Engineer inspections.