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Heritage of Kirk Ella & West Ella
Heritage Trail

Kirk Ella and West Ella Heritage Trail book has been re published in 2011. It contains thirty eight pages of interesting facts and information on our area and many very old photographs. There is a five mile trail which can be followed and points out all the historical features of both villages.

The book contains many personal memories from our oldest residents, for example Rose Woodward of The Fairway, now in her nineties and the son of Vera Line, who was born in West Ella and died here a couple of years ago age ninety seven.

The Books are for sale at Kirk Ella News for £4.50p a copy

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Conservation Areas
Conservation areas were first designated for Kirk Ella (See Appraisal - 2007) & West Ella (See Appraisal - 2007) in 1974 and both were extended in 2007.