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Local News

Road Closure Notice
Part of South Ella Drive Anlaby will be CLOSED to traffic from 24th July
This is necessary to enable workman to safely undertake works required for the Anlaby and East Ella Flood Alleviation Scheme. it is anticipated that these works will be completed by 16th September. See Closure Notice & Map showing diversions.

Annual Report
The printed copies of the Parish Council Annual report have now been distributed. It is available on line - see Annual Report 2017
To print use this file

Would you host a beehive in your garden? - see Beehives(pdf)

Safe Places
Humberside Police has launched Safe Places across Hull and East Riding and North Lincolnshire. It is designed to help those with Dementia or other limiting problems to identify places and people who can be of assistance and can be trusted. They might be lost and not know where they are or how to get home or someone might have physical problems and need assistance. If you have a family member or friend or neighbour who has dementia or other limiting problems, please pass the word that help is at hand if someone goes missing. Learn more about Safe Places

Poppy Appeal Organiser
Willerby Kirk Ella and Anlaby branch of the Royal British Legion requires a Poppy Appeal Organiser (PAO). The position would suit a retired person who is looking to make a voluntary contribution to the branch, and improve what is already a successful part of the national organisation. The appeal is ongoing throughout the year, but the main event is the annual appeal which normally covers the period last Saturday in October to second Saturday in November.

The person appointed can expect to be somewhat busy during Sept., Oct. and Nov. Anyone interested please contact Jenny Harrison Tel. 653 846 (retiring PAO) or Dennis Woollons Tel. 650 907 (branch chairman). Both Jenny and Dennis are experienced PAOs' and will provide lots of support and advice in the organising and controlling of some 140 helpers. Past service in the armed forces is not a requiremen. This branch raised approx thirty five thousand pounds at this years appeal, and the Legion spends approx eighty million pounds every year assisting members and ex members of our armed forces and their families.

Salt Bins
With winter here see Locations of Salt Bins (pdf) - please note this salt is provided for residents to use on council maintained roads and paths only. When salt is spread it helps prevent the formation of ice and softens snow prior to its removal.

Dog Fouling
A general reminder to all dog walkers that they have to clean up after their dog, whatever the weather or leaf or snow cover. The same applies to the hours of darkness - you need a torch. There are plenty of litter bins throughout the Parish, so please pick it up. When the children are encouraged to walk to school it is only fair that dog mess is picked up.

If any resident can identify a dog walker who does not clean up, with the time and place, they should report it to ERYC, and the dog warden will try to visit the area. We have some stickers and will be affixing these to the lamp posts around Pine. Meadows. If any resident knows of other areas where more stickers are needed, please let us know. When the pavement is dry, we will use the Parish Council stencil and spray paint but it is not suitable in wet and cold weather. Liz and Tom

A Message from your Chairman

What a beautiful season Spring is with the almond and cherry blossom on the trees, the magnolia in full bloom, daffodils, tulips, bell hyacinths and other early flowers all have been blooming throughout the past weeks. Special efforts have been made by residents to make the village so pretty and a special thank you to those householders and I know there are many of you, who have adopted a little piece of land, community space like street name areas, to plant bulbs. A special thank you to the family who planted all those daffodil bulbs at the side of the Kirk Ella Police Station. What a beautiful picture it made for the official re-opening of that office.

We are all so pleased to have the Police working from that station again, I am sure you will all agree Brough was too far away. To work with the Police to help to lessen crime, we would like to strengthen our Neighbourhood Watch. We can do this by encouraging the occupants of each street to make sure that there is a volunteer willing to liaise with the Police both to report any unusual activity and accept warnings from the Police of strange incidents to pass on to fellow residents. We have a strong working group in the Fairfield Avenue, Mill Lane and Valley Drive areas. I would like to especially thank Tom Fry from Pine Meadows who runs our Grapevine for the Kirk Ella village. If we were able to expand this we could become a Neighbourhood Watch Village displaying the appropriate signage. I would also like to thank Jean Harne and Phil Williamson who run the first class Grapevine in West Ella, passing on vital messages and have done this for many, many years. Anyone who is interested in helping please contact Councillor Elizabeth Robinson who works tirelessly on this subject. She is in touch with the supportive officer at County Hall whom she invited to a meeting, specially called, so the co-ordinators could meet her. With nine crimes in our parish in March, we hope you will think seriously about helping.

By now, you will have received the Kirk Ella and West Ella Parish Council Annual Report as it was distributed at the beginning of April. The printers do an excellent job for us and in daffodil yellow this year they are to be congratulated. I wish to thank Councillor Doreen Kaye, who, as assistant editor always has her Thesaurus by her to make sure we don’t use the same word twice in quick succession but use a variety to keep your interest! On the fourth page is the update on the Kirk Ella and West Ella Heritage Trail for all to enjoy. The book can still be obtained at the Kirk Ella Newsagents and the route is easy to follow especially with the new way markers designed by Councillor David Robinson.

Lastly, we don’t like to wish our lives away but we must plan ahead so we are going to celebrate our Queen’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary with a red, white and blue coffee morning on November 20th, more details nearer the time.

Best wishes,
Margaret Raymond
Councillor Margaret Raymond
Chairman - Kirk Ella & West Ella Parish Council

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