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Local News

NHS Services are changing In The East Riding
From Wednesday 4 April 2018 three new Urgent Treatment Centres will be opening in Beverley, Bridlington and Goole along with two 8 to 8 Centres in Driffield and Withernsea. These new services will replace the current Minor Injury Units in Bridlington, Beverley, Driffield, Goole, Hornsea and Withernsea.

If you have an urgent injury that is not serious, life or limb threatening, then your nearest Urgent Treatment Centre or 8 to 8 Centre can provide assessment, advice and/or treatment.
See Booklet (pdf file)

Location of Salt Bins-2018
See pdf file

Road Gritting Information
East Riding - Haltemprice & Hunsley (pdf)
Anlaby/Willerby/Kirkella (pdf)

Road Closure Notices
These closures are necessary to undertake works required for the Anlaby and East Ella Flood Alleviation Scheme. Work is taking much longer than anticipated.
Part of Beverley Road Anlaby
From 8th January 2018. - see Closure Notice & Map showing diversions.
It was anticipated that these works would be completed by 23rd February 2018.

Traffic on the A164
A new roundabout is set to be built on one of the region's busiest roads. The £4.2m scheme will see an improved junction lay-out on the A164 between Kirk Ella and Swanland - see South Hunsley Ward Councillor's page for more details.

Annual Report
The printed copies of the Parish Council Annual report have now been distributed. It is available on line - see Annual Report 2017 To print use this file

Dog Fouling
A general reminder to all dog walkers that they have to clean up after their dog, whatever the weather or leaf or snow cover. The same applies to the hours of darkness - you need a torch. There are plenty of litter bins throughout the Parish, so please pick it up. When the children are encouraged to walk to school it is only fair that dog mess is picked up. In the last few months East Riding of Yorkshire Council has issued 2 Fixed Penalty Notices in Kirk Ella for failure to clear up after a dog has fouled.

If any resident can identify a dog walker who does not clean up, with the time and place, they should report it to ERYC, and the dog warden will try to visit the area. We have some stickers and will be affixing these to the lamp posts around Pine. Meadows. If any resident knows of other areas where more stickers are needed, please let us know. When the pavement is dry, we will use the Parish Council stencil and spray paint but it is not suitable in wet and cold weather. Liz and Tom

A Message from your Chairman
It is now the time of year when we have the dreary weather, dark mornings and early dark evenings. Unfortunately this is when we have to be on our guard and make sure that our properties and possessions are secure. We continue to have many warnings from the Police, the latest one being from Ian Dixon, Chief Inspector Community Policing for the East Riding. As we live in a very desirable area we need to remain extra careful. Crime is on the increase so take extra precautions.

We have had reports of not just cars being broken into because people have left valuables on view but sheds and outbuildings and even thieves removing windows to get inside a house. Details for our area can be obtained by visiting and following the ‘Find your Neighbourhood’ link or

Now for the good news
. Numerous residents expressed great concern when the Willerby Square Post Office was closed, especially the residents of Kirk Ella who had already lost their own Post Office earlier. Parish Councillors from both Kirk Ella and Willerby, local East Riding Councillors especially Cllrs. Shaun Horton and Gary McMasters and our very busy M.P. David Davis, all battled to keep it open, then, once it was closed, their efforts continued relentlessly to find another suitable premise with a shopkeeper willing and able to accommodate the postal services. Well, as most of you now know, the story has a happy ending so to speak. The new Post Office at Willerby Square
has been fitted out within “Wishes” shop and is operating from February 6th. We do hope you will all be delighted and support it, as the Anlaby Post Office staff have certainly been overworked since the summer.

More good news, we have managed to obtain, at no cost, two notice boards for parish notices. We are now waiting until the new Highways Officer takes up his post to gain his approval for these to be erected in prominent positions. Thus we hope to cover a greater area for residents to keep up with our news.

Councillor Elizabeth Robinson, a most active environment councillor, has asked me to thank all the residents who have cut back hedges and branches so that pedestrians can use the footways with ease. She has been especially concerned for those who push wheelchairs for the elderly or prams with babies and young children. We hope we are a caring, considerate community and she thanks you for your cooperation.

I know it is very early but it will be the centenary of the ending of W.W.1 this year and we would like your ideas on what act of remembrance we should have or how we should respectfully mark the date.

Margaret Raymond
Councillor Margaret Raymond
Chairman - Kirk Ella & West Ella Parish Council

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